7:01 and
rain falls in sheets on the windows not yet dusk
the doors are locked the coffee urns empty in their pots
I sit alone with tired feet
and it is here in an empty coffee shop in the middle of Ohio
here I listen to God
and this isn’t about nostalgia
this is about tired feet and pine trees
the silence that descends like fog
a girl sitting alone in a stiff-backed booth
listening to the rain in the gathering dusk as the sky turns to grey.

My college has been part of an ongoing project based on “places you feel close to God.” I’ve thought a lot about it recently. After locking up my coffee shop a couple of weeks ago, I stayed inside and prayed. It was the first silence I experienced in a long time, but there was still that sense of His presence underneath the silence. Are there particular spaces that make you feel close to God? 


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